Our Team of Attorneys

Michael W. Aiken (portrait photo)

Michael W. Aiken

Senior Vice President – Compliance Officer & Senior Counsel National Markets

Jane Barkley (portrait photo)

Jane Barkley

Vice President - Commercial Services Division Manager and Title Attorney

Stephen B. Brown Sr. (portrait photo)

Stephen B. Brown Sr.

Vice President Communications & Market Development / Title Attorney

James L. Bryan, Jr. (portrait photo)

James L. Bryan, Jr.

Vice President - NC Legal Support Services, Title Attorney

Tabatha Cruden (portrait photo)

Tabatha Cruden

Vice President – Commercial Services Division & Regional Title Counsel

Paul E. Denbaum (portrait photo)

Paul E. Denbaum

Underwriting and Escrow Counsel

Andrew W. Foley (portrait photo)

Andrew W. Foley

Vice President & Title Attorney

Marcus G. Garren (portrait photo)

Marcus G. Garren

Vice President & Title Attorney

Gates Grainger (portrait photo)

Gates Grainger

Vice President – Commercial Services Division & Title Counsel

Kevin Joyce (portrait photo)

Kevin Joyce

Vice President - Title Attorney

Ned Manning (portrait photo)

Ned Manning

Vice President - Title Attorney

Wilson W. McDonald (portrait photo)

Wilson W. McDonald

Southeast Underwriting Counsel

Kristi Moretz-Icard (portrait photo)

Kristi Moretz-Icard

Vice President - Title Attorney

Gray Olive (portrait photo)

Gray Olive

Underwriting Counsel

Jim Powell (portrait photo)

Jim Powell

Southeast Underwriting Counsel

Ryan E. Wainio (portrait photo)

Ryan E. Wainio

Senior Vice President - North Carolina Underwriting Operations