Elton C. Parker Jr

Elton C. Parker Jr. retired in 2006 as an audit partner of the Raleigh, North Carolina office of Deloitte & Touche LLC, a public accounting firm, where he had been employed since 1974. Beginning in 1985, Mr. Parker served in the supervising partner roles in the audit of various types of insurance companies in North and South Carolina practice until his retirement. Since 2006, Mr. Parker has served as the Managing Member of Elpark Financial LLC, a financial advisory and Consulting firm and, since 1982 has served as President of Elpark Inc. and subsidiaries, a family owned real estate, farming and investment company.  Mr. Parker was appointed to the the Board of Directors of Investors Title Company in February 2020.

Mr. Parker, A Certified Public Accountant, was selected and qualified to serve on the Board of Directors because he has extensive experience in public accounting, management and strategic planning.