When do I file a claim?

It is important to promptly notify Investors Title as soon as the Insured experiences any of the following:

- The Insured receives notice of any litigation in which a third party asserts a claim that is adverse to the title or interest in the title as insured by the Policy.

- The Insured receives knowledge of any claim of title or interest that is adverse to the estate or interest as insured by the Policy, and which might cause a loss or damage for which the Company may be liable.

- If the title to the estate or interest as insured by the Policy is alleged to be or rejected as unmarketable, as defined by the Policy.

Failure to provide prompt written notice of a claim may negatively affect an Insured's benefits or coverage under the Policy. Expenses incurred or agreed to by the Insured without the prior written approval of Investors Title Insurance Company are not recoverable under the Policy.