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iTracs®is a proprietary escrow reconciliation service offered through Investors Title Management Services that allows our partners to focus on their core business. This powerful management tool allows settlement management specialists to proactively manage their escrow accounts, resolving potential critical issues and avoiding financial losses. iTracs® offers the following features:

  • Automated daily three-way reconciliation
  • Daily email reporting of account activity
  • Customized alerts of irregularities or critical errors
  • Monthly third-party review and analysis
  • Audit-ready and state bar-compliant reports

iTracs® saves time and gives you peace of mind. We provide installation, training, and live support. Our competitively-priced service is delivered through a single point of contact, and our team of professionals on a strictly confidential basis reviews and analyzes your trust accounts for accuracy and propriety.

For more information and pricing, please call 800.326.4842 or email

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